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CK-Mold Precision Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd.founded in 2011, is located in chang 'an town, dongguan city, an important manufacturing town in China. Goodonly provides one-stop solution for customers from product design improvement, first prototype production, mould manufacturing, injection molding and product assembly.Goodonly produces about 200 sets of molds each year, covering automobile, aviation, electronics, household appliances, office supplies, fitness equipment and medical treatment. Especially good at double - color, gas - assisted, laminated and other high - tech precision mold.

CK-Mold as senior technical enterprise, with strong mold design team, excellent management team and professional manufacturing team, the company has Germany QUASER high-speed CNC and Taiwan CNC, precision grinding machine and EDM equipment, several machines FANACU injection molding machine, has been committed to the development of precision mould, manufacturing; Constantly at the same time technical communication with Japan and the European and American counterparts, learn the advanced mold technology, and innovation, and applied to the design and production, to make Goodonly's techonology in line with developed countries.

CK-Mold establishment, always adhere to the "integrity, performance, respect, sharing, collaboration, learning" the core values, to "become a respected supporting service providers" unremitting efforts to the good vision. It is the foundation of haowei's corporate culture to know the duty, have responsibility, keep promise, do practical work and treat each other honestly. In addition to benefits, we pursue the practice of wide recognition, personal value and corporate social responsibility. Through the persistence of corporate culture, win the trust and support of customers.